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Nanaimo United FC & Harbour City FC Information Night

Notice of Information Session to Discuss the Proposal to join Nanaimo United FC with Harbour City Football Club

May 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

The session is planned for the HCFC clubhouse. If numbers warrant, we will move to a larger facility. Please RSVP to if you intend to attend so we can book the appropriate space.


Over the past few months, representatives of Nanaimo United F.C. and Harbour City F.C. have met to discuss the possibility of the premier soccer clubs in Nanaimo joining together.  This is a discussion that has been ongoing for a number of years. We are pleased to announce that a framework for this to occur has been formulated and is being presented for members of both clubs to review and approve.  

The end result will be a club of over 2000 members, which will be “cradle to grave”.  Its members will be as young as 4 years of age and teams will range from U6 to Over 35.  Eventually, the club may adopt and include teams of Over 45, Over 55 etc.

While operating to date as separate clubs, in reality the connections between Nanaimo United and H.C.F.C. are significant.  It’s estimated that 25% of current United players have played, at some point, with H.C.F.C. (or its predecessor). Approximately 50% of United players, now or previously, had children involved with H.C.F.C.

Perhaps most telling and impressive is that approximately ¼ of United players (including all of our staff coaches - Daragh, Geoff, and Maddy) are currently coaching or have coached with H.C.F.C.   Joining United and H.C.F.C. can only further strengthen the current mentor relationship from the adult players to youth soccer in Nanaimo.

The H.C.F.C vision is “Soccer for Life.” Growing in to a club that serves players from youth through adult will help us meet that vision!

Nanaimo United and H.C.F.C. look forward to answering questions and receiving feedback through an information session.  We anticipate the following questions will be posed;

What is the framework for this to occur?

The framework is set out as follows;

(a) Nanaimo United and H.C.F.C. intend to hold an information session for the purpose of receiving  feedback from its members, answer any questions and address any concerns.  This information session will be on May 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm. Depending on numbers, it will either be held at the clubhouse or at the Beban Social Centre. Please RSVP to if you intend to attend so we can book the appropriate space.

(b) By way of special resolution, H.C.F.C. will amend its bylaws which will effectively merge  Nanaimo United with H.C.F.C.. These amendments will include a number of changes which are required in order to comply with the B.C Society Act, as well as some amendments which are meant to simplify portions of the existing by-laws.  

The amendments relating to Nanaimo United are essentially included in the expansion of the definition of “member” and a reflection that one member of the board of directors will be an adult player or registered volunteer on an adult team.

Link to proposed bylaws.

(c) The amendments, if approved, will be in place for the AGM, at which time directors will be voted in according to the existing schedule for vacancies on the board, and will include voting in a board member as the director/adult representative.

(d) If the amendments are approved by the HCFC membership, Nanaimo United will, in the weeks that follow, hold its AGM at which time Nanaimo United, as it is currently configured, will dissolve.

Why join the two clubs?

Both clubs bring positives and strengths, and together will be even stronger as a “cradle to grave” club.

H.C.F.C. has a strong membership of 1700-1800 youth players annually.  Over time, the financial reserves of H.C.F.C. have grown significantly, which will allow for further expansion of facilities.  Those reserves have also allowed H.C.F.C. to expand its technical team. This technical team has developed all levels of soccer - recreational and competitive, and aims to build opportunities for our senior youth players as they age-out of youth soccer.

Nanaimo United has been a presence in the Nanaimo soccer scene for 110 years.  Nanaimo is a presence in Premier Women’s and Men’s soccer on Vancouver Island, and has teams throughout the various divisions.  

United has won numerous titles in its history, including;

  • Great Challenge Cup 1903, 1907;
  • The People’s Shield, 1913
  • Connaught Cup (Canadian National Title) , 1923
  • F.A. Cup (Canada National Title), 1927
  • Jackson Cup, 1966, 1999, 2017

Other benefits of joining will be an increase in potential volunteers (adult coaches, etc.), greater scheduling clout with the City, economies of scale, a pathway for our older youth players. And imagine how great it will be for a parent and a child to play for the same club and wear the same jersey!

What is the timing for this to occur?

While the legal change will occur at the AGM, there will be a period of transition until the change is fully completed. This transition period could take a number of months for reasons of practicality. For example, uniforms for both clubs have already been ordered, and it will not be until following years that the uniforms can be ordered together with the same look, colours, logo etc.  

However, we expect the transition to be relatively smooth and seamless.

What will be the name of the club?

The intention is to adopt the name Nanaimo United FC.  United is a name that has history, reflected in the 110+ years it has been in existence.  

While H.C.F.C. has earned a strong reputation on Vancouver Island and B.C., it’s name has changed relatively frequently over the years - Nanaimo Youth Soccer, Wellington Youth Soccer, Regals, to name but a few.  The reality is that United’s history warrants its continuation and makes good sense given our location. H.C.F.C. is proud to be a part of that history going forward, and believe that this will be a factor that its youth members will embrace.

What if I can’t make the information session?

Feel free to reach out to any of the following to learn more and share your thoughts:

HCFC President Jason Coates at

HCFC Vice President, Mike Wassermann at 

HCFC Technical Lead, Nanaimo United Women Premier Coach and Nanaimo United Player, Daragh Fitzgerald at

(Current & New Members)

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